Saint Patrick Academy – 1st Annual Winter Carnival- 3/3/2019


We had an Amazing time at the 1st Annual Winter Carnival at Saint Patrick Academy in Portsmouth, NH this afternoon. 1st, what a beautiful new facility they have. The kids are very lucky to have such a beautiful school! 2nd, the people were amazing. As soon as we got there, they all came out to help in anyway they could! We met so many great people today! The SPA Parent Community did an outstanding job preparing for an amazing carnival for the kids and families! S’more station, bake sale, sledding, basketball, amazing climbing structures and play grounds, face painting- an amazing DJ (DJ Matt McElroy) and lots of special memories. We were honored to be part of the their first annual event and thank you for entrusting us to capture your special memories. Thank you also to Everyday Details, Great Circle Catering and Stressless Events.. Super job to everyone who planned it and THANK YOU!!


Here is the link to the secure online access!

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