Sports and School Photography

We have been asked by 2 sports groups to do their sports pictures next spring! We have invested in new software where we can take your team/school colors and make awesome pictures!

We do school class photos, day care photos and now can do sports photos. With each package, we donate back to the group that hired us. For example, we are doing school photos for an elementary school with 350 kids. We give back a portion of each package to the PTA that hired us. We offer the students packages about half the price of our competition, and the PTA gets a check for about $1000.

We extend that to sports groups also. We will do your team and individual pictures and donate back 20% to the sports groups.

Thank you for looking!

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Cornerstone VNA – Home Sweet Home 10/3/2019

What a beautiful evening to raise money for a great cause! The Go FOTO Yourself New England team was honored to be part of the annual auction that raises money for many programs that help the community. This was our first event at Flag Hill Distillery & Winery. What a beautiful venue! They hold many events here including some beautiful weddings we saw pictures of! The food is amazing and their staff was phenomenal.

We worked with Christa, the Catering & Events Manager who made us feel right at home! All of the staff and volunteers from Cornerstone VNA did an amazing job to make the night so successful. Everything was so well planned out and executed. The MC was Mike Pomp of WTSN, who we have heard on the radio for a long time! He was such a great MC and auctioneer! It was great to work with all the sponsors who donated such great gifts for the auction!

We were able to win 4 great items, some of those items will be given away during our frequent give-aways to the community! It is an honor and privilege to help this program that helps the community so much.

We thank you for entrusting us to be part of your special event!

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Angela and Freeman – October 5, 2019 Lebanon, Maine

What a beautiful wedding at Belgian Meadows Farm in Lebanon, Maine for Angela and Freeman! It was our first wedding at this venue and it was beautiful! Everything was beautifully done for the wedding. We have gone to Belgian Meadows Farm for several family events. It is such a beautiful venue for weddings. The second we pulled in, Steve was ready to help with anything. He made the farm amazing and it was just such a neat place for a wedding!

We also got to work with Eli Poulin from Maine Media Solutions, who is one of the most talented videographers we have had the chance to work with. We actually used Eli for our wedding and was so glad we did! Now we travel all over New England doing weddings and Eli is so talented, we were excited to work with him again!

The food was incredible! It was from Mitchell Hill BBQ in Rochester, NH.

This was our first wedding with a real live cannon at the end! It was so fun to see! Then they had an amazing fireworks display!

Please feel free to tag anyone in these pictures, share them or save them to print! They are all free to use and we hope you enjoy them. There are almost 900 pictures, so it may take a little while to load! These are unedited versions, the final ones will be loaded into an album for the bride and groom.

Thank you Angela and Freeman for entrusting the Go FOTO Yourself New England team to be part of your special day. We wish you the very best! #foto_go #lebanonmainephotobooth #mainephotobooth #newenglandspremierephotobooth #gofotoyourselfnewengland #mewedding

October Non-Profit Partner – National Bullying Prevention Center

Our October non-profit partner is PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center. We will make a donation and buy supplies for area schools on bully prevention for every deposit we receive this month for Photo Booth or Photography sessions.

Nationwide, 160,000 students stay home from school each day to avoid being bullied. Here are some scary stats:

• ore than one out of every five (20.8%) students report being bullied (National Center for Educational Statistics, 2016).
• The federal government began collecting data on school bullying in 2005, when the prevalence of bullying was around 28 percent (U.S. Department of Education, 2015).
• Rates of bullying vary across studies (from 9% to 98%). A meta-analysis of 80 studies analyzing bullying involvement rates (for both bullying others and being bullied) for 12-18 year old students reported a mean prevalence rate of 35% for traditional bullying involvement and 15% for cyberbullying involvement (Modecki, Minchin, Harbaugh, Guerra, & Runions, 2014).
• 33% of students who reported being bullied at school indicated that they were bullied at least once or twice a month during the school year (National Center for Educational Statistics, 2016).
• Of those students who reported being bullied, 13% were made fun of, called names, or insulted; 12% were the subject of rumors; 5% were pushed, shoved, tripped, or spit on; and 5% were excluded from activities on purpose (National Center for Educational Statistics, 2016).
• A slightly higher portion of female than of male students report being bullied at school (23% vs. 19%). In contrast, a higher percentage of male than of female students report being physically bullied (6% vs. 4%) and threatened with harm (5% vs. 3%; (National Center for Educational Statistics, 2016).
• Bullied students reported that bullying occurred in the following places: the hallway or stairwell at school (42%), inside the classroom (34%), in the cafeteria (22%), outside on school grounds (19%), on the school bus (10%), and in the bathroom or locker room (9%) (National Center for Educational Statistics, 2016).
• 43% of bullied students report notifying an adult at school about the incident. Students who report higher rates of bullying victimization are more likely to report the bullying (National Center for Educational Statistics, 2016).
• More than half of bullying situations (57%) stop when a peer intervenes on behalf of the student being bullied (Hawkins, Pepler, & Craig, 2001).
• School-based bullying prevention programs decrease bullying by up to 25% (McCallion & Feder, 2013).
• The reasons for being bullied reported most often by students include physical appearance, race/ethnicity, gender, disability, religion, sexual orientation (National Center for Educational Statistics, 2016).

Each month, the Go FOTO Yourself New England team picks a non-profit community partner to work with to help spread their cause and help them financially.

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Cassie and Jacob – 9/28/2019 – Dayton, Maine “A Barn”

What a beautiful fall evening for a wedding held at “A Barn” in Dayton, Maine. It was our first time at this venue, which is a beautiful rustic barn in Southern Maine with a beautiful pond that the outdoor ceremony took place next to. The owners of the venue, Mark & Robin Walton, met us and were great with making us feel at home! It is so neat that there is such a beautiful venue so close to our home!

Cassie and Jacob had a beautiful wedding with lots of family and friends, who we were very fortunate to meet. They were all great! We have nearly 1,000 pictures that we are uploading from tonight. They are the raw copies that havent been edited yet. Please tag anyone in the pictures so they can see them! Share the album or pictures also! Use them as you wish, we are happy to have captured so many memories!

The wedding coordinator, Kellie Mierop, was amazing, keeping us up to date with info and helping us plan before the wedding. She was there when we arrived and made sure we had everything we needed. Her staff were amazing to work with! We thank Kellie so much for making it such an easy night to prepare for and execute! The DJ was also one of the groomsmen and did an amazing job! He kept the dance floor busy! Also, we worked with another great photographer, Autumn from Autumn Photography.

We thank Cassie and Jacob for entrusting us to help capture these special memories. We had so much fun and wish you the very best!

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Abbey and Chris – September 14, 2019- West Ossipee

What a beautiful wedding at Hobbs Tavern in West Ossipee for Chris and Abbey! It was our first wedding at this venue and it was beautiful! Everything was beautifully done for the wedding. We worked with a great DJ, DJ Brandon from DJNewCity. He kept everyone dancing on the dance floor til the very end! We also worked with an awesome photographer, though I didnt get her name! The event staff at Hobb’s were amazing to work with. And the food, was incredible! As we have said with many weddings, we start out as strangers but throughout the process of building their custom designs for their day, meeting them and them entrusting us to help capture their special memories, we become friends. We were honored to meet so many great friends and family members of Abbey and Chris. Please feel free to tag anyone in these pictures, share them or save them to print! They are all free to use and we hope you enjoy them. There are almost 700 pictures, so it may take a little while to load! Thank you Chris and Abbey for involving the Go FOTO Yourself New England team to be part of your special day. We wish you the very best! #goinggagnon #foto_go #westossipeenh #nhphotobooth #newenglandspremierephotobooth #gofotoyourselfnewengland #nhwedding

Lauren and Jeff’s Wedding – 9/21/2019 Wolfeboro, NH

What an amazing night on Lake Winnipesaukee for the beautiful wedding celebration of Lauren and Jeff!

They were married at one of their favorite spots, on Mt. Major. They then had the celebration with a lot of family and friends on board the Winnipesaukee Belle which is part of the Wolfeboro Inn.

We captured their formal photography and had the photo booth running the whole night. We met so many amazing friends and family of Jeff and Lauren!

We captured about 550 pictures! Please feel free to like them, share them or tag anyone in them! Please like our page to also get the updated ones!

The boat was amazing and we cruised around Lake Winnipesaukee for 3 hours enjoying a great night to celebrate the beautiful couple! The food was exceptional and all of the Wolfeboro Inn Staff were incredible to work with.

We wish Lauren and Jeff a long and very happy marriage. We thank you for entrusting Go FOTO Yourself New England to help capture your special memories!

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Kayla and Cory, Engagement Session 9/10/2019 Ogunquit, Maine

We were honored to capture the engagement session for Kayla and Cory! This couple came to New England for a lifetime dream to visit Maine for the beautiful bride to be. We had an amazing session in Perkins Cove, Ogunquit. We captured over 400 special memories, these were our top picks for the couple.

The couple will get a USB with all of them and also a private online album that they can share with family and friends.

Thank you Kayla and Cory for entrusting us to capture your special memories, we truly appreciate it!